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Welcome to the Algarve

Algarve. Wherever attention if you see the colors of the mountains and sea are always present in a watercolor in which underscore golden, green and blue dots. The region is extensive and friendly, with a Mediterranean climate, marked by the smell of salt air and wildflowers.

A walk through the tangle of streets, alleys and steps from the coast is the best way to know this area Of region. Lose yourself even in the vastness of the coastal strip, with the background the most beautiful beaches in Europe, where you can admire the rocky coastline and the witticisms of the shadows they cast on the sand.

After the landscape charms, the aromas and flavors of traditional Algarve cuisine. Menu prepared with fish and seafood, if the fish stew or cataplana clams, or with the whole tradition of mountain food such as cooked beans and cabbage. The range of choices will also include the famous regional delicacies, such as figs, almonds, carobs and the brandy arbutus, distilled up in the hills in old copper stills.

Crossing the Algarve, built between places of high interest ecological, rich in biodiversity and ecosystems, is walking through centuries of tradition, still intact. The crafts that the Algarve craftsmen skilfully manufactured, using ancient techniques, is manifested in pottery, basketry, the copper pieces, brass and work in linen and jute.
Two steps from the tranquility of the interior, the lively nights Algarve. Bars, clubs, marinas and casinos guarantee the best kind of merrymaking.
The built heritage is another mandatory stop. The architecture of the whitewashed houses with colored moldings and remarkably beautiful chimneys, the church belfries and the museums, which show excerpts of the ancestors of the Algarve people and contribute to the uniqueness of this destination.

It is also recommended to outdoor sporting activities, whether in the lush golf courses, the infrastructure that the region offers for physical activity, on the coast or in the hills, that after the rigors of winter and even before the first signs of spring, dress If a rosy white, because of the blossoming almond trees that dot the horizon.

Portrait of an Algarve that awaits you, all year round.

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