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Ideas for Valentine's Day in the Algarve in 2022

Valentine's Day is approaching, and you still don't have plans for the most romantic day of the year?

Don't give up; instead, use these ideas to surprise your lover with activities on February 14.

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If you follow some of our suggestions, you will not be short on romantic and unique surprises this Valentine's Day. First and foremost, you should be aware that 14 February is a Monday this year, which means there will be at least three nights of romance! Are you ready for a slew of original ideas?


Romantic Getaway to the Algarve

A romantic weekend calls for a trip to magical places where the sun shines more than 300 days a year, does it not? Portugal's southernmost region has corners on the beach or in the mountains that will fascinate any couple in love.

Start the surprise before Valentine's Day by gifting your spouse three nights in Baía da Luz. Do it unexpectedly. Write a postcard describing the three-day trip in detail and put it in a visible place, for example, under the pillow or next to a breakfast you have prepared.

After the initial surprise, it's time to start organising your romantic getaway to the Algarve. If you book directly with us, you can request a room prepared just for the occasion via phone or email.

Do you know which are the best places to visit? Three days is all it takes to explore some of the most stunning areas of the Western Algarve. Aside from the tranquil village of Luz, which you will undoubtedly have time for, there are several tiny villages and communities worth a stroll for two.



(8 minutes from Baía da Luz).

It is known as the Portuguese Santorini because of its white houses that contrast with the turquoise sea. In the summer, bathers and fishing boats that still practise artisanal fishing share the beach. Visit this small municipality, where the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park also begins, and have lunch in one of the village's restaurants serving freshly caught fish.



(18 minutes from Baía da Luz)

This is a little fishing town in Vila do Bispo's municipality. Its beach was ranked 15 of the 50 most beautiful in the world by The Guardian newspaper. You may also start one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the Algarve from here. From Salema to Sagres, there are landscapes that will stay in your memory forever and if you are an adventurous couple, this is an activity not to be missed on Valentine's weekend. If you get hungry, take a detour to Boia Bar Restaurante and try the house speciality, caldeirada (fish stew).

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Valentine's Day Surprises

You can be a typical Valentine by giving a bouquet of flowers or chocolates, but since you've chosen to travel to another place, be bold. We are confident that your half will enjoy it and be astonished!


Breakfast on the beach

Have you ever considered having breakfast on the beach? Prepare a tablecloth and a warm blanket and proceed to Lagos's most romantic beaches. We recommend Luz beach, which is about 2 minutes from Baía da Luz, and Estudantes beach. A Roman bridge between rocks connects a cliff to the mainland on the latter beach, offering a wonderful backdrop for your surprise. For breakfast in Lagos, you have various options, but if you don't want to search for the many homemade pastry shops, simply hire a delightful basket delivery service.


A day at the zoo

A day spent with animals is usually a pleasant surprise that warms the heart. In Lagos, you may spend an entire day in the Lagos Zoo, where you can observe baby kangaroos still in their mother's pouch. Discover why macaws have a thousand colours or why flamingos stand on one leg and have their plumage pink. Penguins are a romantic symbol. This species chooses its life spouse and is one of the few monogamous animals. In addition to the nature viewing, you may feed the friendly lemurs.

Nearby, about 3 minutes from the Lagos Zoo, you can have healthy and vegetarian dishes at the A Tribo restaurant. If you're lucky, you might be able to catch a live music performance.

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Doing something for the first time

Doing anything for the first time has many advantages, including increased good humour and less stress. All of these are fantastic reasons to try something new on your Valentine's Day getaway to the Algarve. We guarantee that a new activity for two will provide twice the value.

We feel that there are numerous activities and experiences in this region that you should participate in at least once in your life. Allow our suggestions to inspire you and have a Valentine's Day filled with surprises.



Some people do it once and get addicted to the adrenaline rush they get from jumping out of a plane at 5,000 feet. Others do it only once and hope they never receive another invitation like this again. The truth is that you must give this activity a chance to discover if it is right for you. The view from up there is one-of-a-kind and indescribable. And don't worry, the jump is performed by pros who have made this their profession for many years. Before they board the plane, the couple is given all of the necessary safety precautions, and throughout the brief flight, they are supported by these instructors, who answer any questions you may have.

This jump can be done at the Portimão airfield, 22 minutes from Baía da Luz. Book the jump of a lifetime with your better half and discover the different emotions this experience will give you.


Hiking trails in the Algarve

We've already discussed the hiking trails in the Algarve. If you're visiting for the first time, you should know that there are trails for all levels of expertise and ability, from experienced hikers to apprentices. The Rota Vicentina hiking trails run through the Algarve and into the Alentejo and are always well marked.

The western Algarve has several hiking trails. There are the centuries-old routes that wind through the villages and cities interiors. There are 263 kilometres to cover in total, but don't just read about them; decide for yourself which routes you wish to travel. Check out the various options here.

The Fishermen's Trail is considered one of the best coastal hiking trails in the world, and the good news is that it is very close to Baía da Luz resort, and you can walk it with your partner. Again, choose the route that suits your experience. We recommend starting with something easy like the Fishermen's Trail, Luz - Lagos.

Circular walks are another method to get started in hiking. Simple, easy and breathtakingly beautiful. Near Baía da Luz, about 30 minutes by car, you can start the circular walk - Pontal da Carrapateira. The landscapes face the sea, so you can see the fauna and flora, the fishermen and the surfers who venture out onto the frozen sea in winter.

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Valentine's Day at the spa

We couldn't pass up one of the most relaxing aspects of a resort visit. Because the spa moment on Valentine's Day is possibly the icing on the cake, it was left as the final idea following some suggestions combining adrenaline and physical activity.

Baía da Luz is a resort belonging to the CDB Resorts chain, and in the same municipality, just a few steps away from this resort, you will find Estrela da Luz. In their Health & Beauty space, you can enjoy moments of absolute relaxation. When we tell you that they provide local massages, bamboo massages, and relaxing massages paired with premium products from the Elemis brand, you will not want to miss out on the chance to unwind on the day of the celebration of love. See the menu of treatments, massages and aesthetics here, and make an appointment at the Baía da Luz reception.

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Valentine's Day in 2022 does not have to be conventional. Be daring and surprise your better half with one of the best surprises ever. Enjoy the weekend and take a holiday on February 14 to enjoy the best activities in the Algarve at Baía da Luz Resort. When you book directly with us, you will get the best prices.