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Spring holidays in the Algarve 2023

Spring in the Algarve is the time to gather the family and head off to one of the most rewarding destinations of the season. The landscapes begin to blossom, the mild weather makes its presence felt, and the residents grace this time of year with their friendliness. Are you thinking of spending spring holidays in the Algarve in 2023? We welcome you to spring, which officially started on 20 March.

Take spring holidays in the Algarve in 2023 and enjoy the freshness and good weather the region is experiencing already.

Spring holidays in the Algarve: What should you pack in your suitcase?

Are preparations for spring holidays in the Algarve always a headache? The suitcase always gets small when it comes to organising clothes and items for a trip, so we want to make the task easier for you. Learn about the average temperatures in the Algarve during the spring months so you can dress appropriately.


Spring begins on 20 March and lasts until 21 June. Find out what temperatures you can expect at this time of year.

  • Algarve Weather Forecast for March

The proverb that best describes March is: "março, marçagão, de manhã inverno, à tarde verão". Stick to this saying and prepare for frosty mornings and warm afternoons.

If you are planning a trip to the Algarve in March, pack a jacket in your suitcase for the cool mornings and evenings. Do not forget to bring light clothing such as t-shirts or thin long-sleeved shirts. Also, pack some trainers so you can go on an adventure. March is an excellent month to discover new places in the Algarve.

Maximum temperature 17.2 0 C | Minimum temperature 10.4 0 C


  • Algarve April Weather Forecast

"Em abril, águas mil". A Portuguese proverb describes this month as one of the rainiest, but there is no need to be concerned because precipitation is not constant during this month. The temperatures are pleasant, and there are many activities in the Algarve. The Monchique Mountains countryside is full of flowers, and greenery dominates the region's landscapes.

Pack in your suitcase a waterproof jacket, light clothes like T-shirts, thin trousers, comfortable shoes and sandals for rain-free days.

Do you already have plans to explore Praia da Luz? Here are some of our suggestions.


Maximum temperature 18.9 0 C | Minimum temperature 11.9 0 C


  • Algarve Weather Forecast for May

Temperatures in May start to warm up, and hands easily exceed 20 0 C. The beaches begin to fill up, but diving is still sporadic. Only the most adventurous can plunge into the sea, but we guarantee that sunbathing in May in the Algarve is refreshing.

Don't forget your bikini, towel, hat and sunscreen in your suitcase. The days are already warm, and you can use your summer clothes, but don't forget to bring a jacket, even if it's thin, for the cooler or windy nights.


Maximum temperature 22 0 C | Minimum temperature 14 0 C


  • Algarve Weather Forecast for June

Spring ends in June and gives way to the warm Algarve summer. During this month, it is almost mandatory to spend endless hours on the beach, sunbathing or exploring hidden Algarve spots. Especially in June, the thermometer shows pleasant temperatures, making the travel bag even lighter.

Warm clothes can be replaced by light and fresh clothing. Do not forget your swimwear, sandals or flip-flops, sunscreen and bring a good mood for one of the best holiday months in the Algarve.


Maximum temperature 25.5 0 C | Minimum temperature 16.6 0 C


Advantages of spring holidays in the Algarve


The advantages of a spring trip to the Algarve are many, and we have compiled some of them.

1. Because the days are longer in the spring, outdoor activities can last until late evening.

2. Temperatures in the Algarve are always pleasant, but in spring, the days are neither too hot nor too cold. Take walks on the trails near your resort.

3. In spring, the streets of the Algarve are not as crowded as in summer, so you can take your time and enjoy the tranquillity of the region.


Spring holidays in the Algarve: places not to be missed


It's impossible not to take photos of the Algarve's breathtaking scenery. Take your camera and capture the places not to be missed in the Algarve. Visit these places and look forward to your spring holiday.

1. Ponta da Piedade

Our first suggestion is only 13 minutes by car from Baía da Luz. The famous Ponta da Piedade is a must-see, and if you have never heard of this place, you should know that scenery above the sea and unique rock formations await you here. Here are the coordinates for Ponta da Piedade, and we also recommend you go down the 180 steps to see this natural landscape of Lagos from a different perspective. Take the opportunity to cool off in the water.

2. Sagres

Sagres is one of the few places in the Algarve where you find wide plains with no buildings blocking the view. In spring, the sea shines with a special glow, and looking at it from the huge cliffs of Cape St. Vincent gives you the feeling of immensity that only nature can convey. One of the favourite activities of the Sagres visitors is watching the sunset, where you can catch the orange hues contrasting with the deep blue of the sea. Here you will find the coordinates of Cape St Vincent.

3. Monchique

The Algarve has beautiful beaches, but there are not only beaches. The hills of the Algarve are also worth a visit. The town of Monchique and its hills overlooking the sea are a highlight in spring with their flowering hills and the green of the native trees. On hot days, visit Caldas de Monchique with your family and try the thermal water straight from the spring. This place is equipped with stone tables and chairs to have picnics. This is the location of Caldas de Monchique.



Take the opportunity to spend different days and opt for spring holidays in the Algarve. Every season in the Algarve has its charms, but spring offers mild temperatures without the typical turmoil of the summer months.

Book your holiday in Baía da Luz and enjoy life to the full.