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What to do in Lagos, Algarve

Another long weekend is upon us, full of opportunities to relax on the beaches of the Algarve. If you didn't know that the last weekend in April coincides with Labour Day, it's time to plan a quick getaway to Lagos, which is packed with activities, incredible locations, and exceptional beaches. We show you our 3-day itinerary - What to do in Lagos - Algarve.

Day 1 - 3-day itinerary in Lagos, Algarve

What is there to do in Lagos in the morning? We suggest a quiet activity to enjoy a 3-day stay in Lagos. Walks along the Avenida dos Descobrimentos are very popular with visitors to this city. Once you start walking along several kilometres of Portuguese pavement, you will understand why this is one of the most popular holiday activities. Along this avenue are some of the most famous buildings and monuments, such as the Lagos City Market, which you should enter to experience all the hustle and bustle of selling fresh fish, fruit and flowers. On the opposite side of the market is a drawbridge where boats can enter the Lagos marina. You should stop here too, if only for a few minutes on a sunny terrace. Stroll down the avenue towards the beaches and check out the wall or Ponta da Bandeira Fort.

If you get hungry, you'll find a unique eatery in town very close to the avenue. Mar d'Estórias is a place with Portuguese products and culture, where you can have a snack in the Bistro, but also shop. When the temperature is pleasant, you can go to the terrace bar and enjoy the view over the city.


Dedicate the first afternoon of your 3-day itinerary to Lagos to the family younger members, and you will see that there is no age limit to the fun! Visit Lagos Zoo, where over 150 species of animals live together. Each species has its habitat where visitors can watch some animals being fed, such as lemurs, pelicans or even penguins. Good weather is expected for the weekend of 28 April to 1 May, so bring a towel and a swimming costume for the penguin beach. Lagos Zoo opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm. Entrance fees vary depending on the age of the visitors.

After a lively afternoon in nature and playing with the kids, it's time to grab a bite to eat at an Algarve restaurant. Cangalho Restaurant is located right next to Lagos Zoo, and we could not give you a better recommendation for your dinner this long weekend. Enjoy authentic, typical Portuguese "petiscos" (the Portuguese version of tapas) or dishes prepared in clay pots to enhance the flavour of each ingredient.

We advise you to rent a car to enjoy these days and see everything we suggest. We will be happy to help you rent a car, just contact our reception.

Day 2 - 3-day itinerary in Lagos, Algarve

This day is dedicated to discoveries! Lagos was the setting from which many Portuguese sailed to the world. Start with the Centro de Ciência Viva, designed to teach children about science in a fun way. This place is as interesting for children as it is for adults, and you can trace the history from the "astrolabe to the GPS", the theme of the permanent exhibition of this place.

Go to the Boa Esperança caravel, recently inaugurated and fully restored, which is an interpretive centre offering a journey through the Portuguese Discoveries. The caravel is located on the quay of Ribeira de Bensafrim, very close to the Lagos marina. Inside, you'll find an app that popularises and illuminates this era in human history. You will have an immersive journey without leaving the location, and the app will provide you with information about the city.

For lunch, we recommend Camilo restaurant, a place with grilled fresh fish or traditional dishes prepared under pre-order, such as fish cataplana or monkfish with peas. The dishes served here are worth a visit, but the view of the beach of the same name as the restaurant is also not to be missed!

If the weather permits, spend the afternoon basking in the Algarve sun and relaxing on the beach. Choose between Praia do Camilo, Praia Dona Ana or Praia dos Estudantes. Each of these beaches has exceptional natural beauty, and even if the sun doesn't shine for a swim, the visit is well worth it. Finish the day at the Alloro restaurant with an Italian dish and a glass of wine.

Day 3 - 3-day itinerary in Lagos, Algarve

The third and final day of this 3-day itinerary in Lagos in the Algarve will leave you feeling that this long weekend getaway was short. To enjoy this city even more, check out our special offers and book your return soon.

The third day of this itinerary falls on the first of May, and all over the Algarve, Labour Day means families head to the countryside for a picnic. Prepare a fresh fish or meat basket and enjoy the National Forest of Barão de São João. Here you have free access to communal barbecues, wooden tables and benches, a children's playground and a water spout. One of the best places to unroll your picnic blanket and take in the fresh country air. There are also themed trails with artwork engraved on the path stones or poems written by local authors. In the same area, there are also trails for mountain bike lovers.

End the day with a walk-through Praia da Luz, one of the most peaceful places in the Algarve, whose beauty cannot be captured on a postcard. Enjoy the mild climate, the sound of the waves and the breathtaking sunset on the way to Rocha Negra.

Please contact our reception if you would like more personalised recommendations or to book activities outside of our resort. Our team is excited to collaborate with you to plan a long weekend that exceeds your expectations.