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Where to Watch the Sunset in the Algarve

Sunset is one of the most beautiful events of the day, and the best part is that you do not have to pay anything to watch this natural spectacle. All you have to do is locate a place where you can watch the best sunset in the Algarve. To make this task easier, we have compiled some of the best places to watch the sunset in this article.

When is it sunset time in the Algarve?

Sunset, also known as twilight, occurs when the sun disappears over the horizon in the west. Do you know the exact time to observe this natural phenomenon? Because of the technology available on any computer or phone today, this task has become much easier. Always be on time to see the best sunsets in Portugal through this website. To always be informed about the time and the best places to observe this event, you can download this app for Android phones - Golden Hour, or this app for IOS phones.

1. Praia da Luz – Rocha Negra

Very close to Baía da Luz, one of the biggest surprises awaits you at the end of the day. After a day at the beach, organise a snack and take it with you to the Rocha Negra, a rocky outcrop of volcanic origin in the village of Luz. This is also one of the highest points in Luz and an excellent place to watch this event. The sun hides behind the cliffs of Sagres around 4.04 pm and disappears behind the horizon at 7.44 pm (make sure you know the time before visiting the place using the apps provided earlier).

This is the ideal place to watch the sunset at Praia da Luz (10 minutes from Baía da Luz).

2. Lagos - Ponta da Piedade

The Algarve is a perfect place to watch the sunset, and in Ponta da Piedade, you can prove it! It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lagos, with visitors flocking to admire the natural beauty of the cliffs and the turquoise sea. Imagine being surrounded by beautiful scenery and having the gorgeous golden light of the sky in front of you. The best part is that you can visit this place twice to experience the sunset from different angles, as you can watch it both from land and at sea on a boat tour. Ask at our reception how to book your boat trip to Ponta da Piedade. Before you arrive in Ponta da Piedade, there is the Praia do Canavial viewpoint, from which you can also observe this event perfectly.

Find out where to watch the sunset at Ponta da Piedade (13 minutes from Baía da Luz).

3. Sagres – Cape St. Vicent

Some say that it is the end of the world, that all you can see from there is the sea and a few birds crossing the sky over the Algarve. From Sagres, you can see all these landscapes and an unforgettable sunset. So, whenever you visit the Algarve, do not forget that Sagres is a mandatory stop, especially if you are a sunset lover. The Cape St. Vincent lighthouse is perhaps the most touristy place to do this. There are organised tours by companies where you can watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of wine and a snack. Although it is a tourist place, you can also visit it on your own. There you will have enough space to watch the brightest star as it dips into the sea. An important tip: do not forget to bring your camera, because you will not want to miss the fantastic pictures offered by the orange tones of the autumn sky.

This is the location of the Cape St. Vincent lighthouse in Sagres (38 minutes from Baía da Luz).

4. Monchique – Foia

Since the Algarve is not all sea and beaches, the fourth suggestion goes to the municipality of Monchique. If we have the best sunsets in Portugal, why not see them from a high point? The Monchique Mountain range allows us to observe the phenomenon for a minute longer than the other places on the Algarve coast, as it is 902 metres high. After tasting the best smoked ham sandwich in the Algarve at the entrance to the village, you'll be ready to climb to Fóia, the highest point in the Algarve. When you get there, look out for a group of rocks on the left and climb to the top. We guarantee you will have one of the best experiences ever.

From here, you can watch the sunset at Fóia in the Monchique mountains (52 minutes from Baía da Luz).

5. Aljezur – Amoreira Beach

In Aljezur, we return to the sea to enjoy the sunset on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve. Amoreira beach has a river and a sea area, and both become one. The scenery is idyllic at any time of year, but during Autumn, the so-called "golden hour" becomes even more important on this beach. You can watch the sunset from the beach or from the boardwalks that surround this beach. After watching this natural spectacle, be sure to have dinner nearby. Try one of the best pizzas in Portugal at the Arte Bianca restaurant.

This is the location of Praia da Amoreira in Aljezur (39 minutes from Baía da Luz).

Sometimes we don't value the simplest things that nature provides us daily. Plan a picnic in one of the best places to watch the sunset on your next trip to the Algarve.